Wicketed Bags

Wicketed bags provide more effective packaging solutions and are useful in many industries and stores. These are stacked plastic bags which are held together with metal brackets which the bags rest on. The wicket ensures ease of use, allowing for faster dispensing.

To help remove the bags more easily, the bags have two holes in place at the top allowing these to be placed on the hanger, speeding up packaging time. By increasing packaging speeds, wicketed bag production can save time and money for our clients.

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Features of Wicketed Bags

These bags come in a variety of sizes from standard to customized. Even the thicknesses of the bags can vary. These bags can be printed or plain, depending on what the intended use for the bags are. There are usually up to eight color choices for wicketed bags.

Many different types of wicketed plastic bags are available with designs such as resealable function, or a permanent function where the bags can be taped. These seals could also include a tie. All these choices can be indicated upon purchase to provide the perfect supply product for your intended use.

These clear poly bags are quality products that are usually stored as stock items for a quick ordering process. They usually arrive ready to use in a short amount of time and are normally sold in bulk to save our clients money. Buying in bulk helps ensure that cashiers always have enough on hand to use as needed.

The wicketed bags can be manufactured on high-speed equipment or produced manually on slower, running equipment. Additionally, offering wicketed plastic bags makes the process of filling the bag easier and quicker for your workers too, as they are able to pull these quickly from the metal bracket for use. This will ensure customer service satisfaction, as well as a productive workforce.

Wicketed bags are created from low-density polyethylene, are strong and durable, as well as generally thin in composition. A feature of wicketed bags is that these can be manufactured with a bottom gusset. This is an excellent feature which helps provide more space for products and other intended usages. A bottom gusset provides space for proper arrangement and presentations of the products contained inside the bag.

Wicketed plastic bags are FDA approved, making them safe for food usage purposes. These bags not only offer food packaging solutions but can also be used for non-food packaging, as well. We sell wicketed bags in various sizes to suit many applications.

Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. is committed to supplying your business with high quality wicketed bags at reasonable costs. With the many options of bags available, we are sure to find those suitable to the needs of your business.

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