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We are stretch wrap distributors. We carry a full range of stretch film certain to suit your pallet wrapping needs and requirements. Our stretch wrap is available in a variety of gauges, sizes, and colors. We sell stretch film that is manufactured in Canada, while providing our customers with the best value for their money without compromising on quality. We offer pallet wrap, UV protection stretch film, hand wrap, and machine wrap. Each of our stretch wrap features different strengths and thicknesses.

This article discusses what stretch wrap is and how it is commonly made from LLDPE, linear low density polyethylene. Whether you call it skid wrap, pallet wrap, machine wrap, or hand wrap, the benefits of using stretch are numerous enough. But what are some of the uses for stretch wrap? Knowing what role stretch wrap plays in your company can greatly benefit your business.

Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that intended to secure loads on a pallet for shipment and package items or bind items together tightly to secure them. Binding loads together improves the stability of packages making them easier for workers to handle, decreasing chances of possible worker injuries. Using stretch wrap allows for better storage of products and protection from UV rays, dust, and moisture. Stretch wrap also protects products from water, creating a shelter around the products, collecting water, and keeping water out.

Not only is stretch wrap used to wrap palletized boxes but stretch wrap can also be used in a myriad of ways. Industries will use stretch wrap to aid in disaster relief. The stretch wrap is used to wrap building or roof parts, or other damage caused by such disasters. Stretch wrap can also be used for the removal of potentially hazardous materials.

Stretch wrap is a must if your business regularly ships out merchandise on pallet loads. Choosing the correct stretch wrap for your intended application will provide you with a large amount of benefits, while keeping your customers satisfied. The first step is identifying the gauge of stretch film needed for application. Important factors, such as the size of the pallet being wrapped, as well as the total weight of an average shipment and the shape of the boxes you are wrapping, can help you determine which stretch film gauge (be it light, medium, or heavy) you will require.

A significant reason for choosing the correct stretch wrap is to deter pilferage and discourage load tampering while the goods are in transit. The right stretch wrap makes it easier for your customers to accept and store the shipments you send them. When your customers realize you are careful to select the proper stretch wrap for their merchandise, they will trust you and your business even more. You will find your good relationship with your customers increasingly improving. With the knowledge you accrue, you will be able to put all types of stretch film to effective use.

Stretch Wrap Distributors Recommend Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap can also be used to wrap the following items for transportation:

  • Canned beverages. Stretch wrap is used to wrap soda and beer. Companies often wrap loads using a high speed machine.
  • Electronics. Being lighter than most products, electronics can be wrapped in stretch film in lighter gauges to cut back on expenses.
  • Medicine. Also a lighter product than most, medicine can be wrapped in lighter, less expensive stretch wrap.
  • Furniture. Movers and manufacturers use stretch wrap to protect furniture from damages when transporting or storing.
  • Windows. Each window is wrapped individually to protect against possible damages that may occur during transit.
  • Buckets. Paint, liquid, or dry products are often wrapped in stretch wrap in heavier gauges for optimal tear and puncture resistance.
  • Clay. Clay is another heavyweight product that is best wrapped in stretch wrap in heavier gauges.
  • Tires. Stretch wrap is used to bind tires together for transportation.
  • Mulch. Landscapers and lawn services will often use stretch wrap in heavier gauges when transporting mulch.

There are many uses for stretch wrap, not just for wrapping palletized loads. What merchandise is your business looking to wrap? With that information, we are stretch wrap distributors who can help you find the stretch wrap the best suits your merchandise. At Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc., we know that selecting the right stretch wrap is crucial for your business. There are many variables you must take into consideration before making a final decision. Contact us today for more information.

Let our decades worth of experience speak for itself. We have been providing quality stretch film to many companies across the GTA and Ontario. Our loyal customer base is a testimony to the care and attention to detail of our customer service representatives. Our trustworthy team of professionals are available to locate the most suitable stretch film for your intended application. At Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc., we are dedicated to offering you the very best selection of stretch film, customized to your specifications. Our merchandise is sure to meet with your expectations and satisfy the needs of your business.

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