White Plastic Tablecloths

Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. provides white plastic tablecloths at excellent prices to suit your customers’ needs or the needs of your business. Our plastic tablecloth offerings are designed to fit 6-foot and 8-foot tables. We also supply our customers with custom sizes.

Although the standard stock colour of our tablecloths is white, these bags are available in custom colours and can be produced to your specifications. Our tablecloths are used chiefly by banquet halls or by places of worship. These tablecloths provide effortless decoration to tables, confine spills easily, are waterproof, and are easy to clean.

White Plastic Tablecloths on
Perforated Rolls

These plastic disposable tablecloths come on perforated rolls. Used for conventions and holiday events, these tablecloths are quickly replaceable leaving your display clean. White plastic tablecloths are user-friendly and fool-proof. Being reusable and disposable, these tablecloths need no added tape or tacks for your display to remain in place.

Easily used as shelf liners or on counters during baking or cooking our tablecloths keep the environment clean and bacteria free. Our tablecloths also fit standard café or conference tables. They are moisture-resistant and disposable, ensuring an easy clean up.

For those customers who choose not to use the clear heavy plastic tablecloth on top of their regular tablecloth, a disposable clear tablecloth is a simple, effortless alternative to keep dirt and dust away from regular tablecloths. Disposable after every use, your customer won’t have to clean or launder the clear heavy plastic that is virtually impossible to clean after just a few uses. Plastic tubing can be used if you have a variety of table sizes you need to cover. The plastic can be simply cut to table size. Although not as convenient as perforated tablecloths, plastic tubing can help cut costs if you have an assortment of tables to cover.

Acting as a protective covering for your tables, these tablecloths ensure that any spill from ink to grape juice won’t seep into the wood or damage the table. They are easily used as a drop cloth for a variety of uses from painting to automotive maintenance. No more expensive laundering, these tablecloths are a cost-effective alternative.

Our white plastic tablecloths provide you with the most for your money. Please keep in mind that we do not do small runs of custom orders and sell small quantities only on a pick-up by appointment basis. For custom sizes and colours, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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