Food Grade Plastic Bags

Anything that comes in contact with food must be deemed safe. Food grade plastic bags are designed to meet these standards. This includes plastic bags that are used in the grocery store and bags used in storage.

Food grade plastic must be produced within a safe environment, act as a barrier against moisture or contaminants, and be durable enough to protect food items in the manufacturing, packaging, storing, and transporting phases.

Food grade plastic bags are manufactured using plastic material designed to meet these standards, including plastic bags from those that are used in the grocery store and bags used for storage. Our food grade plastic is chemically safe and does not contaminate food it comes into contact with.

Picture bread bag or vegetable packages that are readily found at stores. These bags are often a clear plastic for customers to be able to see the product. There are words and logos printed on the packaging, as well. An effective way to ensure customer safety is to package these items and other food items in safe bags that have been designed for food. Such bags are available and are produced in many different colours, as well as a variety of sizes to accommodate the smallest and largest foods.

To be certified as safe and labeled food grade, a plastic bag needs to meet the standards and requirements of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Regulating organizations examine all ingredients and additives within the plastic to ensure that it does not affect the colour, taste, or scent of the food.

These organizations test the materials for adverse response to changes in temperature, moisture, or humidity. Plastic needs to be deemed safe to be labeled food grade on a continual basis. Some food grade bags are produced with heavy duty materials and are used in shipping. This method allows for food products to go from the grower to the bag to the table while remaining as safe as possible.

Food grade plastic bags have multiple usages. Storage bags can also be used for purchases at the grocery store and to hold food items packed for lunches. These bags are durable and are designed to be used for dry and wet foods. The styles of these bags vary to help fit the food properly in the bag.

These plastic bags are made of specialized polyethylene, which can withstand friction and handle pressure better than other forms of bags. These bags display strong resistance and do not tear easily.

Our food grade bags have superior clarity which allows the food to show through. Our food grade bags prevent food from becoming spoiled, maintain their scent, and are an excellent choice for your food packaging solutions. Inquire today for a full list of the sizes we offer.

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