Clear Plastic Stretch Wrap

We provide clear plastic stretch wrap for tire shipping. Stretch wrap material is necessary for bundling loads while securing and preventing damage to large individual objects. Shipping tires is not simple due to their irregular shapes. Special precautions must be taken to ensure your tires are shipped without possible occurrence of damage. Whether you are shipping in bulk or small quantities, it is always important to follow the proper steps when preparing your tires for shipping. Toronto Stretch Wrap provides you with helpful tips that can maximize your company’s tire shipping.

Choosing a transportation company for your tires is the easy part. There are thousands of carriers and truckers available to ship your tires across the country. Using traditional parcel shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL will result in extra costs your company. You are also required to make sure that your tires do not exceed the allowed parcel weight for each intended carrier.

To ensure your tires are shipped safely, communicate frequently with your carrier of choice. Should your tires be transported for long distances, your carrier may request that your tires and wheels be placed on a pallet for shipment. When loads are palletized, they are easy to load and unload both during shipment and upon reaching their final destination. 

How to Prepare Clear Plastic Stretch Wrap for Tire Shipping

Preparing your tires for shipping does not have to be daunting. To properly package your tires and rims for shipment, make sure to clean your tires first. When tires are clean, they are less susceptible to accumulating dirt and dust throughout transit.

Your carrier may request that you wrap your tires into groups of two as doing so will be easier for your carrier to maneuver your tires. More importantly, it is always recommended that you protect rims and other metal parts with thick cardboard. Remember that wheels are more susceptible to damage during transit than tires. Taking the proper precautions when packaging your tires will undoubtedly prevent disastrous outcomes.

It is essential to band your tires to a pallet using stretch film. Use an anti-skid surface for tall tire stacks to reduce chances of objects shifting in transportation. Bundling pallet loads tightly with stretch wrap will also prevent objects from moving. Our 70-gauge stretch wrap sticks to itself and can be wipe-sealed throughout the duration of its application. To properly secure your pallet loads, be certain the minimum containment force has been reached. A tie-on tag or tire label is recommended.

Stretch film, also referred to as stretch wrap, is a very flexible plastic film that is utilized to wrap pallet loads and other goods. Many varieties of stretch films are available on the market for the individual requirements of the consumer. These can be the size, type, and quality of the stretch wrap, as well as the budget.

Stretch wrapping is the most effective and efficient way to secure your pallets. The purpose of using stretch wrap is to ensure goods arrive in immaculate condition, making stretch film an important part of our everyday lives. Stretch film is used in the transportation and delivery of nearly every item consumed, stored, eaten, or displayed.

Wrapping objects in stretch film ensures environmental pollutants and contaminants, such as dirt, dust, moisture, and pollen stay out. Stretch film keeps your merchandise clean and dry, shielding them from environmental elements, while still allowing them to be visible. With UV stretch wrap, pallet loads can be stored outdoors without fear of contents disintegrating or spoiling. UV stretch wrap is named for its ability to block ultraviolet rays from the sun and safeguard objects and goods.

Clear plastic stretch wrap saves you time and money by enabling you to wrap your goods securely for warehouse storage. The film will bundle loads tightly, making them less likely to shift when they are transported around the warehouse by forklift. This reduces chances of damage to goods stored in your warehouse. Pallet loads are covered quickly and efficiently with a uniform application from stretch wrap, enhancing the productivity levels of your employees and allowing them to complete more tasks per day. Stretch film also offers the option of wrapping irregularly shaped or difficult to stack objects on a pallet. Several items can be located more effectively when they are grouped together, eliminating the chance of product separation, which can make stock checks expensive and time-consuming. Scanning systems work by scanning directly through clear plastic stretch wrap thereby doing away with the problem of lengthy inventory checks.

At Toronto Stretch Wrap, we carry quality stretch clear plastic stretch wrap in different gauges, as well as a variety of films, such as hand wrap, machine wrap, and opaque stretch wrap. Speak to one of our representatives today and we will match your needs with the stretch wrap that is best suited for your company. Our many gauges and finishes are sure to suit your requirements.

Toronto Stretch Wrap can provide you with tire shipping solutions. Clear plastic stretch wrap types and sizes to suit all types of shipments will make shipping challenges a thing of the past.

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