Stretch Wrap Plastic Film

Stretch wrap plastic film comes in many different forms. Hand wrap stretch film is effective for common consumer applications and allows you to apply the film directly to the merchandise rather than by using machinery. The hand stretch wrap Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. distributes is designed to minimize stress on the operator of the stretch film: PlatinumMax Hand Film, VMaxx Pre-Stretch Hand Film, and Max Wrap Hand Film brands, which can be an asset to your business.

The Shipping Process

How can you ensure your merchandise arrives at its destination in the same condition it was shipped? Throughout the shipment process, loads are often subject to force and stress from rail or truck vibrations, temperature changes, and loading and unloading at distribution centres. Your products may be light, heavy, sharp, or oddly-shaped. Toronto Stretch Wrap  and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. distribute an assorted line of cost effective, high performance hand wrap that will help ensure your product arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

Platinum Max Hand Stretch Wrap

PlatinumMax Hand Film Wrap, sold by Toronto Stretch Wrap

PlatinumMax Hand Film is a new and revolutionary film that offers ultra-high performance. PlatinumMax has greater tear and puncture resistance in ultra-thin gauges and offers the best in hand film down gauging which translates into huge cost savings.

PlatinumMax offers new resin and extrusion technology as well as greater coverage. The benefits of using PlatinumMax for your product are the following:

  • Thinnest and strongest film in the industry
  • Higher holding force with the lowest gauge
  • Highest puncture resistance

Platinum Max Shrink Wrap - available in various sizes

V-Maxx Pre-Stretch Hand Film

V-Maxx Pre-Stretch uses a proprietary process, producing an ultra-thin hand film that is stronger in tear and puncture resistance than other standard gauges. V-Maxx maintains ultra-thin gauges, making it a lightweight but firm option for optimal hold on your product. V-Maxx is an ergonomically friendly hand film with ultra-high performance and optimal clarity. The benefits of using V-Maxx for your product are the following:

·        Safer and easier to handle

·        Excellent puncture resistance

·        Faster application

·        Will withstand unusual loads

·        Less waste disposal

Max Wrap Hand Film

Max Wrap Hand Film is a premium-grade hand film with five layers that offers optimal puncture resistance as well as superior strength and cling. This hand film has been produced to meet all load application requirements, offering excellent load retention. In addition, Max Wrap has clear optics and is quiet when unwound. The benefits of using Max Wrap for your product are the following:

·        Same film quality throughout

·        Able to wrap a variety of loads

·        Loads are less likely to shift due to tighter wrapping

·        Assures that there are no loose tails when shipment is wrapped

Each of the products we distribute has different features and benefits. Contact us today at Toronto Stretch Wrap and  Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. and we will help you find the best stretch wrap plastic film for you!

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