UV Resistant Stretch Wrap

What are the advantages of UV resistant stretch wrap?

Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. offer an assortment of stretch films which include, opaque, clear and UV protected ones. Each of these stretch films have different advantages and can be used for different purposes. For instance, opaque stretch film:

  • conceals products, providing added protection from possible theft.
  • is beneficial for color coding products prevents product damage from dust, moisture and rain.
  • is a visually-eye catching and bold backdrop for printing messages and logos on the film.
  • outlasts clear stretch film when stored outdoors.
  • protects products from harmful UV Rays.*

Clear stretch film:

  • makes it easy to scan product identification tags, like barcodes or RFID.
  • enables products to be readily displayed on the showroom floor without the worry of dust buildup or damage to the merchandise.
  • is tamper resistant.
  • due to the added protection of the stretch wrap, packages are less likely to be intentionally sabotaged.
  • improves inventory control by enabling visual inspections of products.protects products from harmful UV Rays.*

Many industries often store pallets of products outdoors when space is limited. To transport the products, pallets must be wrapped in with plastic stretch wrap. One of the greatest challenges of storing pallets outside is the UV rays which emanate from the sun. The radiation can break down stretch wrap and stored products. Most products in outdoor storage start degrading after a month.

Opaque stretch films protect products that are sensitive to the sun. Opaque films with a UVI additive prevent product breakdown. Depending on how many times opaque film is wrapped, it can block out sunlight, which will extend the shelf life of a product stored outdoors.

Not only does opaque stretch film conceal products, but it also provides additional protection from potential theft. Opaque films are available in blue or black and are beneficial for color coding products and prevents product damage from dust, moisture, and rain. These films are visually-eye catching with bold backdrop for printing messages and logos. When it comes to preserving products stored outdoors, opaque film outlasts clear stretch film and protects products from harmful UV Rays.

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Benefits of UV Resistant Stretch Wrap

UV stretch film:

  • Protects and extends the life of products that are stored outdoors in the sun. UV resistant stretch wrap and pallet wrap are used especially for products that are stored externally and exposed to sunlight. If your shipments will be stored outdoors in direct sunlight for more than 60 days, then we recommend choosing UV stretch film.
  • Offers safe and secure transportation of palletized goods.
  • Prevents product properties and compositions from being altered by the UV rays of the sun. UV stretch film is an ideal option for wrapped products that require extra protection from environmental elements and prevention of product deterioration and degradation.

*Photo degradation could occur to stretch wrap as a result of being stored outside for a prolonged period of time. The additive, UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) could be added to opaque and clear stretch film in order to increase the stretch film's durability and inhibit photo degradation.

UV stretch film protects and extends the life of products that are stored outdoors in the sun. If your shipments will be stored outdoors in direct sunlight for more than 60 days, then we recommend choosing UV resistant stretch film.

Stretch film is an effective bundling solution for all your packaging needs. Stretch film protects pallet loads across a wide range of industries. Stretch film, a stretchable and durable plastic material, offers security and protection from environmental elements and prevents products from shifting throughout transport.

Opaque stretch films are unique in their ability to simultaneously conceal shipments and offer security. These stretch films offer efficient UV protection and prevention of product degradation or possible pilferage. The UV protection of opaque stretch film makes it an ideal option for securing items from light exposure or if discreet packaging is required. Opaque stretch film is tamper-resistant, deterring unauthorized access whether products are being stored or in transit. These films are excellent for concealing sensitive products, such as electronics or other valuable items. Opaque stretch films add another layer of security to your products.

Whether you are seeking UV stretch film or regular banding film, Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. has the right stretch film for your intended usages. Our stretch films increase productivity in the palletization process, while eliminating the need and cost of expensive packaging materials, such as paper or other packaging products. There is no need for time-consuming and costly wooden support or fibreboard. Stretch wrap translates into significant savings when it comes to power and labour, more than expensive shrink wrap methods. Our stretch film is manufactured to be chemically resistant to acids, solvents, and alkali. Its unparalleled strength and durability make our UV resistant stretch wrap resilient in the face of environmental stress. Our high-quality manufactured stretch film is certain to meet with your expectations. Speak to one of our customer service representatives and we will be glad assist you today.

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