Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

Heavy Duty Plastic Garbage Bags

Heavy duty plastic bags are just what businesses need to get the job done. No matter what sort of business you may have or trade you engage in, there are strong chances that you will require heavy duty bags, which can assist you in effectively handling your merchandise. Heavy duty bags are manufactured to withstand the most difficult conditions and effectively contain the items they hold. These bags are ideal for heavy duty trash and can also help keep your items safe and unharmed. At Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. and Toronto Stretch Wrap, we provide only superior quality polyethylene material bags designed to withstand the harsh elements. Our bags are crafted to meet the highest standards of strength and durability. We customize these bags to your specifications with the exact sizes and thicknesses to handle even the most challenging applications.

Heavy duty plastic bags are ideal for shipping and are often used to transport bulky objects from one destination to another. Durable polyethylene film ensures that the bags are designed to effectively contain sand, compost, mulch, wood pellets, seeds, potting soil, rocks, or any other industrial product. Heavy duty bags are often classified by the weight they can hold and the volume they can contain. These factors determine the thickness of the film.

Most businesses produce multitudes of trash daily. Sometimes, trash levels may be low but at other times levels may be higher. Providing your business with heavy duty plastic bags will help ensure that the contents within the trash bag stay inside. Trash bags also offer a dependable and cost-effective way to protect trash cans. These heavy duty bags eliminate incidences of leaks and will conform to the shape of the trash, ensuring even distribution within the trash bag. Plastic bags that are transported often come into contact with water – therefore, we offer bags that are crafted from water-resistant materials. Our multilayer polymer plastic material coextrusion process results in additional puncture, tear, and chemical resistance. You can be assured that there is no need for concern about our trash bags coming apart.

There are businesses which seek heavy duty plastic bags to assist in the disposal of demolition debris. Our trash bags are strong, durable, and puncture resistant, which prevent bag breaks. Our bags are designed with high impact strength and tear resistance, which help eliminate bag breaks, as well.

Trash bags are black to hide the contents it is carrying. Many large companies and work facilities favor the black trash bag for its high gloss appearance, unmatched quality, and ability to keep contents hidden from view. Aesthetically, black trash bags are more appealing than clear trash bags, although clear bags are an eco-friendlier option, as they do not contain the black dye used in manufacturing black trash bags. Black trash bags have, however, become normalized for use in cafeterias, restaurants, factories, warehouses, and residences. Black trash bags remain the more popular choice of the two.

Many times, specific businesses will require the use of heavy duty bags to efficiently perform their everyday duties. One such example would be a furniture store which delivers furniture to customers. The store wants the furniture to leave the warehouse in good condition and shape and reach the customer in the same form in which the furniture was shipped. Moving furniture can be heavy and awkward to handle. There are times when furniture cannot be packed into a box, but still needs to be covered for transportation. Covering furniture with heavy duty plastics is the best way to prevent damages to the furniture, such as scratches from bumps.

We offer heavy duty plastic bags with labels, which can be placed on the bag. This is a great feature if the bag will not be used for trash but designated for storage purposes. Smaller heavy duty bags can be used by businesses selling tools and hardware supplies, such as nails and screws which easily puncture other plastics. Labels can be customized to list price and to the items contained within the bags. These labels help you easily identify the contents in a bag. They are ideal for saving space when storing food, for assisting with food preparation, and for easy disposal of food. These smaller heavy duty bags can be manufactured in clear, white, or opaque colours. Our bags are made with a superior seal, which prevents contents in the bag from leaking and spilling.

These extra strong bags can assist with many jobs in your business. We produce an array of heavy duty plastic bags in different sizes and colours. Any business can benefit from using the bags we offer. Heavy duty bags will allow for easier work. We are committed to offering high quality bags to our customers at bulk discounts and excellent prices. All of our heavy duty bags are proudly manufactured in Canada. We have decades of experience in the plastic industry and our commitment is to customer satisfaction. Our heavy duty bags can be specially designed specifically to meet the individual needs of your business. Our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you throughout the process.

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