Colored Stretch Wrap Film

How is colored stretch wrap film different from using regular stretch wrap? If you want to reduce the risk of your products possibly being pilfered, stolen, or counterfeited, using black or blue stretch wrap rather than regular stretch wrap can effectively deter pilferage. Losses from pilferage, counterfeiting, and theft are an increasingly serious problem. Occurrences of product counterfeiting have cost corporations lost dollars in revenue. Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. can assist with effective solutions.

When it comes to protecting your products during shipment, the importance of using colored stretch wrap film rather than regular stretch wrap cannot be overstated. Often when products are loaded onto freight trains or trucks, they are loaded, unloaded, and cross-docked, leaving products susceptible to damage. This process occurs numerous times before a product reaches its destination. The more your products are handled, the more likely they are to get damaged. Using black stretch wrap can help prevent bad outcomes.

Regular or Opaque Stretch Wrap

How can you decide whether you should use regular or opaque stretch film? Using opaque stretch film rather than regular stretch film can benefit your business in many ways as there are numerous uses for black or blue stretch wrap. Using opaque stretch film provides the following benefits to consumers:

·       Conceals the nature of your shipments, protecting valuable merchandise, and detouring possible pilferage

·       Protects your products from the elements such as dust, dew, and rain

·       Will outlast regular film if merchandise is stored outdoors

·       Can be labeled and colour-coded for product identification and stock rotation

·       Protects products from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays, which can cause products and printed boxes to bleach and degrade when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight

·       Reduces the risk of products being damaged during transit

Platinum Max Shrink Wrap - available in various sizes

Blue or Black Colored Stretch Wrap Film

At Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc., we supply both black and blue and sometimes other colors of stretch wrap for your business. Black or blue stretch wrap is manufactured using opaque-colored resins that give stretch film its color. We offer opaque stretch film in 37-120 millimeter gauges or thickness. Both opaque hand wrap and machine wrap are available in 12-30 inch widths. If you are shipping valuable merchandise, merchandise that will be stored outdoors, products that require more protection, or you may just want color coding, contact us to order black stretch wrap or blue stretch wrap for your business. Our opaque films can help ensure your products arrive safely at their intended destination.

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