18 x 1500 Stretch Wrap

stretch plastic wrap

One of the most popular sizes of stretch film is the 18 x 1500 stretch wrap. This cast stretch film has a quiet release and dispenses from the roll smoothly and silently. The film is made from high quality resins and has superior strength and tear resistance. 18 x 1500 stretch wrap is an excellent hand film, allowing for fast wrapping with minimal effort. The clarity of the film and its superior optics ensure loads can be easily identified and electronically scanned in the distribution process.

18 x 1500 Stretch Wrap Features

The 18 x 1500 stretch wrap has excellent elongation, providing consumers with the most value for their money. This stretch film’s efficient puncture resistance enables consumers to wrap even the most irregularly shaped loads. The silent unwind feature of the 18 x 1500 stretch wrap reduces the distracting noises many films, especially blown films, produce. The roll unwinds quietly and smoothly and can reduce workplace noise by up to 75 percent. The superior cling of our stretch wrap helps keeps loads safe and secure even in unpredictable conditions. This film provides superior load retention, which ensures your pallets are consistently wrapped each day. Our stretch film can be stretched up to 250 percent making it an excellent option for wrapping uniform loads.

18 x 1500 stretch wrap is hand wrap. Hand films are often applied when loads weigh less. Hand wrapping can be challenging because it must be done manually. When loads are incorrectly wrapped by hand, this leaves loads vulnerable to the elements and possible damage to the products wrapped. Our hand wrap is simple to use with a handheld dispenser.

Other features of 18 x 1500 stretch wrap include its excellent clarity due to the cast stretch wrap manufacturing process and its ultra-thin film thickness with its superior cling which effectively contains pallet loads. Our stretch film is tacky on both sides, providing a more secure cling and excellent load containment. This film has been stretched to its full capacity allowing for more holding force and increased stability and security of pallet loads. 18 x 1500 stretch wrap can easily be dispensed using a handheld stretch film dispenser. This film requires less tension to apply, is lightweight, and unwinds quickly without compromising control. These benefits allow for a simple application process which reduces the chances of worker injury. Whether you are seeking to wrap pallets, furniture, loads, or other irregularly shaped objects, our stretch film can assist you and is certain to suit the needs of your business.

With the assistance of our stretch films, your loads will be resistant to UV rays and water. There will be no need for concern when your shipments are packaged with our films, as loads will be more stable and resilient. Our cast film provides superior optics and clarity, which helps your workers locate merchandise more efficiently. Bar codes and other important product information are more visible and can be easily read.

Our stretch films can be utilized for many purposes. Foremost, our stretch films are for wrapping pallets, but can also be used to wrap furniture. When furniture is transported, there is a chance that it may become damaged during transit. Our stretch films are manufactured to be of superior quality and offer superior load containment, which keeps loads tightly bound together, thereby protecting valuable items from becoming damaged in transit and reducing incidents of product shifting. 18 x 1500 stretch wrap stretches tightly around pallet loads and secures them, effectively discouraging load tampering or possible pilferage. Our coloured stretch wraps can hide valuable products.

Our high-quality films are produced with customer satisfaction in mind and its glossy features make it some of the best stretch film on the market. Our stretch films allow you to transport pallets with ease and are flexible and durable enough to contain any load it is wrapped around. Prevent your loads from falling or shifting while they are being transported with our stretch film. Our stretch films are produced by expert manufacturers in Canada, who prioritize your packaging needs. Our manufacturers anticipate the needs of business owners and are constantly seeking to create and innovate stretch film to ensure the most ease of use and efficient application at cost-effective prices.

At Danshar Polybag and Resin and Toronto Stretch Wrap, we provide our customers with a wide range of sizes and a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate the needs of your business. Our offerings and comprehensive line of stretch wrap are certain to meet with your specifications. Our extensive expertise in the stretch film industry is sure to impress you. We work with your business to identify the stretch wrap that is right for you. Contact us today for a custom quote on 18 x 1500 stretch wrap and we will be glad to assist you.


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