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We are a stretch wrap rolls supplier offering a variety of stretch wrap sizes in various gauges, lengths and widths for all your bundling needs. See the chart below to view the different types and sizes Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. distributes and stocks including Stretch MaxPlatinum Max, and Max Wrap. Consult our experts at Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. for all your stretch wrap sizes and thickness decisions.

Whether you’re seeking stretch wrap for a warehouse, distribution centre, or shipping department, it’s important to choose the right stretch wrap sizes and gauges or thicknesses. Stretch wrap comes in many different sizes, styles, and gauges and sometimes it can be difficult to identify the stretch wrap the best suits the needs of your business. Various applications call for different-sized thicknesses and widths of film.

Stretch wrap is available in varying widths and diameters. Smaller diameter rolls are better used in businesses with low-volume use or areas which bundle small packages. Diameter rolls usually measure between 3” and 5” in width. These can be used with just one hand, ensuring quicker and more efficient work. Wider diameter rolls are excellent for larger applications or businesses with high-volume use. Diameter rolls are typically used with a stretch wrap dispenser and often last much longer than smaller rolls due to their generous widths and diameters.

Rolls ranging from 12” to 18” in width are known as hand grade rolls and are for dispensing by hand. These roll sizes are best for shorter loads or loads where only the top or bottom of the pallet require wrapping. Larger rolls that are 20” in width are designed to be dispensed by machine and are known as machine grade. Machine grade wrap bundles pallets more efficiently, reduces waste, and is generally better for the environment.

Stretch wrap is available in a wide range of thicknesses. Choosing the right thickness will minimize shipping costs and limit the chance of goods becoming damaged in transit. It is important to choose the correct stretch wrap thickness. Stretch wrap gauges will identify how resistant stretch wrap is to punctures and tears and how much force it can withstand before failing. Each stretch wrap gauge is rated for its ability to secure up to a specific amount of weight. For example, 80 gauge stretch wrap thickness can hold up to 2,400 pounds. If the total weight of your load exceeds this number, you will need a higher gauge stretch wrap. However, if you only ship lighter loads, you may be able to cut down shipping costs by opting for thinner stretch wrap because higher gauge stretch wrap typically costs more.

Whether you are seeking stretch wrap for your warehouse, distribution centre, or shipping company, it’s important to choose the correct stretch wrap film gauge for your intended application. Stretch wrap is one of the most versatile and useful tools available at your disposal. Stretch film is used to wrap palletized loads, bundle packages together, and securing goods to the pallet. These are only a few ways which stretch wrap protects your products from the elements and potential loss or damage throughout transit. Additionally, tightly securing your packaged goods can effectively detour chances of pilferage, theft, or product tampering. Stretch wrapping your products allows you to see whether products were tampered with or not.

Choosing stretch wrap at its correct thickness will ensure its suitability to its intended function. At Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin, we are a stretch wrap rolls supplier offering gauges from 65 to 90, as well as decades worth of knowledge and expertise in the plastics industry. Fortunately, you will not be left to make your decisions alone. Our team will be glad to advise you on the different types of stretch wrap, as well their purposes. It is imperative to remember that each stretch film is suited for different shipping needs and to educate ourselves on the various gauges of stretch wrap available on the market and their usages. Let us examine the different functions of each gauge and pinpoint which one caters to the needs of your business.

     Stretch Wrap Rolls Supplier of 65 Gauge Stretch Wrap

Although this gauge is only slightly thicker than 60-gauge film, the slightly higher gauge of this stretch wrap offers even better resistance against tearing and puncturing. 65 gauge stretch wrap is suitable for loads up to 2,200 pounds.

Stretch Wrap Rolls Supplier of 70 to 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap

80 gauge stretch wrap is considered to be industry standard due to its versatility. 70 gauge stretch film can also be used to provide similar strength and protection. Both 70 and 80 gauge stretch wrap are suitable for loads up to 2,200 to 2,400 pounds.

Stretch Wrap Rolls Supplier of 90+ Gauge Stretch Wrap

90 gauge stretch wrap is considered a starting point for those seeking heavy gauge stretch wrap. This stretch film tends to be much more resistant to tearing, puncturing, and other damage. 90 gauge stretch wrap is suitable for loads up to 2,600 pounds.

Platinum Max Shrink Wrap - available in various sizes

Stretch Wrap Sizes Available

Chart Showing Stretch Wrap Sizes Available

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