Pre Stretched Stretch Film

What makes V-Maxx pre stretched stretch film different from other stretch hand film? V-Maxx is the leading stretch hand film in the plastic industry. V-Maxx is not only innovative, but easier and safer for your worker to use  and to wrap pallets with. While there are many other varieties of stretch hand film available on the market, V-Maxx combines many important features that can benefit both you and your consumers.

V-Maxx Pre Stretched Stretch Film Manufacturing

V-Maxx pre stretched film hand wrap is manufactured using a proprietary process. This process produces an ultra-thin hand wrap that will perform at a higher level compared with other standard gauge films. V-Maxx can outperform standard films in puncture and tear resistance, while still maintaining ultra-thin gauges. As a result, V-Maxx remains lightweight, but has a firm and optimal hold on your product.

V-Maxx has many features. It is ultra-thin but strong with high performance. The pre-stretch hand film is ideal for bulk packaging, while maintaining optimal clarity. A V-Maxx roll is easy to handle and lightweight, reducing roll damage and strain on your operator. In addition, V-Maxx comes with reinforced edges, which gives the film more durability and ensures a smoother application.

V-Maxx is designed to cover a wide variety of load applications. It can wrap around and withstand usual loads, has consistent optimization of film usage, and faster application speed. V-Maxx is manufactured at four different performance levels: ultra-light, light, medium, and heavy. This pre-stretch hand film is engineered with superior puncture resistance and cling properties that help it withstand all types of environments.

In addition to these benefits, V-Maxx is also an ergonomically-friendly product. Your worker will not only have an easier time handling this film because of its lighter weight, but it is also safer for your worker to handle V-Maxx. Because of its ultra-thin properties, V-Maxx is an excellent option for wrapping many loads quickly. Using V-Maxx to wrap loads will significantly reduce waste disposal, cut back on costs, and save time.

How do you wrap V-Maxx pre stretched stretch film around a pallet? Simply use the walk-forward method as it is efficient, reduces worker strain, and ensures an effective wrap pattern.

1.       Walk forward, giving a quick pull and turn, with the film securely around the pallet.

2.       Make a complete revolution around the pallet, with the film.

3.       Wipe down any edges to complete.

If wrapping many pallets a day and preserving worker and environmental energy is your goal, then V-Maxx PreStretch Hand Film may be ideal for you and your business. Contact us today at Toronto Stretch Wrap and Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. for a quote and we’ll help you find the V-Maxx pre stretched stretch film that is right for you.

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