How to Stretch Wrap Furniture

Chair Wrapped in Stretch Wrap

If you plan on moving, it is important to know how to stretch wrap furniture. Stretch wrap is indispensable for moving. The strong and clingy material is ideal for wrapping furniture and helps prepare your belongings for a move. Stretch wrap can protect a wide range of items, including artwork, couches, rugs, and other valuable pieces. Stretch wrap can be used to keep furniture parts together like disassembled tables and beds. Simply put, stretch wrapping your furniture can protect your belongings from dirt, dust, and damage which may occur during transit. Stretch wrap not only secures valuable goods, but also helps condense large items such as furniture and rugs, leaving more space in moving trucks for other important belongings.

Stretch wrap is defined as a flexible cast film used to bundle, bind, protect, and seal items throughout the packing process in preparation for shipping. In the packaging world, stretch wrap is an essential for moving because it makes pallet loads more manageable and compact, allowing for better protection from environmental elements. Stretch wrap tightly bundles your loads so they stay together throughout transport. Stretch wrap is unique due to its ability to cling to itself, leaving behind no residue on wood finishes and other surfaces you wish to protect.

Stretch wrap is a low cost, simple, yet effective method to protect furniture, such as beds and sofas, and heavy appliances from scratches and scuffs. Stretch wrap will tightly bundle items that are hard to pack. Because stretch wrap sticks to itself and not to surfaces, it is an excellent option for packing your items, as it does not leave behind a sticky residue. Stretch wrap, also referred to as stretch film or plastic wrap, is commonly used on furniture that have desks and drawers, such as desks and dressers. Other important moving supplies that will assist the process are plastic bins, cardboard boxes, peanuts, hand trucks, and foam. Some professional movers and shipping companies specialize in packing and handling and will prepare and wrap your products for you.

Prior to deciding how to stretch wrap furniture, it is important to ensure that your items have been properly cleaned and disassembled. Remove all detachable parts from your furniture to make all your pieces easier to pack and carry. Wrap items, such as chair legs, in blankets and secure them with stretch wrap. It is important to wrap each item individually, so that parts will not be able to touch each other. Regardless of the strength of each of your items, furniture corners remain the most susceptible to damage when moving. Unprotected furniture corners may scrape against doorways and walls causing further damage. Stretch wrap, foam, and cardboard pieces will secure these corners and ensure that furniture is moved easily.

How to Stretch Wrap Furniture Efficiently

The following directions will walk you through on how to stretch wrap furniture:

  1. Begin by cleaning and drying your furniture. Ensure furniture is clean and dry prior to wrapping.
  2. Remove all detachable parts, such as tabletops and chair legs. Pack each part separately.
  3. Add paper padding to wood or leather products. Moisture may become trapped under the stretch film, causing mildew to develop. Adding a layer of paper padding allows for protection and more air flow.
  4. Use extra protection for furniture corners, such as foam or cardboard pieces, to prevent scraping or damage.
  5. Cover the furniture piece with stretch wrap by walking around the furniture piece and letting the stretch wrap roll unwrap. The stretch wrap will stick to itself and secure the furniture.

Other tips for how to wrap stretch wrap furniture include:

  1. Cover the entire furniture piece to ensure that drawers and cabinet doors do not disassemble throughout the moving process.
  2. Secure the cords of appliances by applying a thick layer of stretch wrap.
  3. Pack items such as electric cables, curtain rods, and bed rails together.
  4. Prevent possible spilling by placing stretch wrap under the caps of products.
  5. Ensure that rugs are tightly rolled up during transportation.
  6. Care should be taken when bundling irregularly shaped items.      
  7. Ensure drawers are secured tightly with stretch wrap, as there is a risk of them opening suddenly when moving trucks take a sharp turn.

Stretch wrap is certainly the best material to rely upon for your moving needs. Knowing how to stretch wrap furniture is a valuable skill. At Danshar Polybag and Resin and Toronto Stretch Wrap, we sell high quality stretch film by the skid. We utilize our decades of experience to help you throughout the packaging process. We ensure you have the right stretch wrap to efficiently and safely pack goods for moving, as well as storage. Our stretch wrap is available in a variety of different gauges and sizes to suit the needs of your company. Our heavy gauge stretch wrap is excellent for your heavier items. Our smaller rolls are ideal for binding and bundling. Our larger rolls are ideal for wrapping larger furniture pieces. We can help you protect your important furniture. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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