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T-shirt bag with logo is an excellent, attractive, and cost-effective plastic shopping bag option that can save store owners money. The polyethylene bags are easily made at large quantities per hour, which translates into saved customer costs. Various sizes of plain white bags are usually kept in stock and are more readily available. T-shirt bags are produced and manufactured with high density and molecular weight, which adds to their strength, durability, and reliability. We offer a wide range of sizes to address all the carrying requirements of your business and provide bags that offer great value for your money and business.

T-shirt bags are undoubtedly the cornerstone of every grocery, bakery, and retail business. An affordable choice for every mall store, restaurant, or retail store, t-shirt bags are both durable in function and easy to handle, making them an economical and popular choice for carry-out bags across the globe. T-shirt bags are convenient to carry with their strong overall structure and their strap handles, offering carrying strength and the ability to carry out almost any item. The bag handles are very convenient for customers to carry without damaging the products contained in the bag. Each bag features expandable side gussets, which can adjust to fit many different products and are suitable for various multiple applications. Moreover, our t-shirt bags fit standard bagging stands at cash registers or self-checkouts for efficient use, saving time for both your employees and customers.

These branded plastic bags are sought after by businesses not only for their convenience and ease-of-use, but also because they are an environmentally friendly option for the customer, who wishes to go green. All our t-shirt bags are manufactured from recyclable materials and are biodegradable. We encourage all our customers to reuse their plastic bags multiple times to minimize their overall environmental impact. All our bags are proudly manufactured in Canada with some bags containing over 100 percent recycled content.

Customizing your t-shirt bag with logo provides your business with an efficient marketing strategy that is cost-effective. The t-shirt bag you select can be printed with your company logo. Adding a personal touch to these t-shirt bags will draw attention to your brand and add uniqueness to your overall brand messaging. Printed plastic bags are an attractive option to various industries for brand marketing and promotions.

A T-shirt Bag with Logo is

Plastic Bags Can Be Used For a Variety of Products, From Food to T-Shirts

These plastic bags are both lightweight and strong, and easy to carry around. Our t-shirt bag offerings are available in either low density or high-density polyethylene.

High density bags are more cost-effective. These bags are generally used in grocery stores; the difference is in the store owner’s preference. Often the low-density bag is preferred as it is a nicer quality bag. Both print well and come in several colours including clear.

Store employees and owners appreciate that these bags are easy to work with, are less bulky, and don’t take up a lot of room because they can be hung on a bagging stand. Plastic t-shirt bags are strong and can be filled with many products. Unlike other bags, t-shirt bags do not add any weight to the items they contain, making them an ideal option for grocery and hardware stores.

Even cans and sharp boxes can be put in these bags and their durability will hold the products without puncturing. Bags filled with coke bottles can be held by their handles. This is not the case with paper bags, which handle with less portability and convenience. T-shirt bags also allow for fewer bags to be used per customer with more savings for the store owner.

Custom printed plastic t-shirt bags are a popular shopping bag option. They are used across a variety of industries for brand promotions. These shopping bags are given freely at retailers, such as drug stores and other commercial businesses. Customers readily use these bags to carry around big or small items, providing your brand with free advertising. Plastic t-shirt bags printed with your company logo are easily noticeable from a distance.

For custom print orders, a choice of colours, sizes, and thicknesses are available. Please indicate quantity, size, colour of bag, print colours, print sides, and thickness of bag when requesting a quote. Custom orders are usually delivered within 2-4 weeks after the design is approved and the artwork and rubber plates are complete. Order completion depends on the complexity of the job and the time of the year (holidays are always busy) so it is best to order in advance.

As a trusted plastic t-shirt bag supplier for over 30 years, Danshar Polybag and Resin Inc. is committed to delivering only the best products at excellent prices and quality customer service. We have served many clients across a wide range of industries. We are proudly known for our staunch commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us for further assistance with your t-shirt bag with logo order. Our sales representatives will be glad to assist you in making the right choice of a t-shirt bag with logo.

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