Stretch Wrap Film Roll

If you are seeking a stretch wrap film roll, look no further than Danshar Polybag and Resin and Toronto Stretch Wrap. We provide our customers with high quality stretch wrap to accommodate the needs of their business. Stretch film is commonly used to bind boxes or objects tightly together on a pallet before they are transported to their intended destination. Stretch wrap use discourages possible pilferage, load tampering, and protects products from becoming damaged during transportation or in a storage.

How Our Stretch Wrap Film Roll is Manufactured

Our films are manufactured using a cast extrusion process. Cast extrusion is a process that is continuous. Thermoplastic material is melted and extruded through a flat die onto a chill roll. Upon the chill roll, the cast film is resolidified, which allows for excellent optics, high tear resistance, quiet unwind, less force required to stretch, and superior cling. Cast stretch wrap is available in both machine grade and hand wrap, making this film a versatile stretch wrap film roll. Cast stretch wrap is much less expensive to manufacture than blown stretch wrap, making it the more popular option when it comes to choosing stretch wrap.

Stretch films, such as UV stretch films, prevent products from overheating when they are being stored outdoors and opaque stretch wrap conceals valuable items deterring possible theft. An opaque stretch wrap film roll effectively prevents product damage from dew, rain, and dust. Coloured stretch film extends the life of products stored outdoors as compared with regular transparent stretch film. Coloured stretch film is great for colour-coding products, which saves your workers time and energy, as products can be located more easily.

Using our stretch wrap film roll, the stretch wrap application process becomes simple. To begin the process, workers should take a yard of plastic, squeeze together 8 to 10 inches of the end, and form a rope shape. Thread the rope through one corner of the pallet and then start wrapping around the base of the pallet. Wrapping the bottom of the pallet five times will ensure the products are bound tightly together. Efficient stretch wrapping means working your way up and making sure that the wrap is tight. The goal of stretch wrapping is to bind the products together as one. As workers reach the top of the pallet, they can then determine whether the products stay together or not and add more wrap to the looser areas, as necessary.

At Danshar Polybag and Resin and Toronto Stretch Wrap, we offer a superior quality stretch wrap film roll that is certain to satisfy the needs of your business. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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