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Plastic shopping bags wholesale are used everywhere. Look throughout the mall and see shoppers moving from store to store adding these bags to their arms as they go about their daily errands. Although these bags are common, each is a little different. Not only are there many different designs, thicknesses, sizes and colors. the largest difference is the logo each store has on their own bags which reflects their different brands.

Plastic shopping bags wholesale offer advertising opportunities

This variegation of design serves a purpose besides being unique: plastic bags are walking advertisements for the stores they come from. Does your store have a color scheme? Order bags in those colors. A logo? Make sure your bags have the logo on them--both sides!

Your bags are part of your brand, and should be understood, designed, and treated as such. When other shoppers see your bags, they will want to know what store has such cool, trendy, exciting, unique shopping bags, because they will automatically assume that if your bags have those qualities, the store and its merchandise will have them too!

Store owners purchase these bags in bulk as this is the most cost effective choice. Often purchasing a few thousand bags can cost up to five times more per bag than buying fifty thousand bags. If storage is a possibility, that is the most effective way to save on bagging and advertising costs as a printed bag is often used as a way of getting a company name out to the public and promoting it.

These bags are often called die-cut bags, retail bags, or plastic bags with reinforced handles. The material is strong so many items can be placed inside without breaking. Using plastic bags helps protect the customer’s purchase such as preventing moisture from absorbing onto the purchased item, for example, spills or rain in inclement weather.

Plastic shopping bags wholesale protect their contents

This obviously varies somewhat based on the thickness of the plastic, but one of the major advantages of plastic over paper is that plastic can get wet and still keep its contents dry. When paper gets wet, it will soak through and/or tear, exposing its contents to the elements. Plastic is naturally waterproof. Thicker plastic also resists tearing or ripping, and thus can more easily carry more merchandise than paper bags that will give out under the weight.

Plastic shopping bags wholesale are customizable

Speaking of thickness, plastic bags can be designed in all different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, colors, handle styles, and so forth. The basic model is pretty similar from store to store, admittedly, but if you look at a mall or a set of retail stores, you will quickly see just how many different customized plastic bags can be designed.

Plastic shopping bags wholesale are cost-effective

Finally, plastic bags cost less than paper or cloth to manufacture and thus for stores to purchase. Plastic shopping bags bought in bulk are immensely cost-effective, and there’s no reason not to buy in bulk and just use that supply for months until it’s gone. And because these bags now bear your store logo and colors (as noted above), your store will also be able to save money on printing, design, and advertising costs simply by buying plastic shopping bags wholesale.

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