Plastic Grocery Bags

Paper or plastic are words often heard in grocery stores. Plastic grocery bags are very popular with customers and with stores as they are easiest to use. They are durable enough to be reused and can also be recycled. Grocery stores also find that they are cost effective and useful particularly with heavier items.

These bags have a simple design. They are usually either round-hole bags or t-shirt bags. They have handles and come in variety of colors. They are also perfect for grocery stores to use as advertisement for their logo. Print can cover 10% or 100% of the bag and everything in between. Colours can range from one to several. An ideal advertising source, these bags are not only seen when the customer leaves the store, but when the bag is reused as well. Another benefit to grocery stores as well as customers is their durability, their ability to stop leakages and their easy handling.

Plastic bags are also convenient because cashiers find them easier to use. It takes less time to open them allowing cashiers to bag groceries more quickly, which helps speed up customer line-ups. Furthermore, if the purchased items need to be double-bagged this can be done very quickly. These plastic bags even take up less space than paper bags helping the cashier sort her working area more efficiently. This means that cashiers won’t have to be replenishing as often keeping work productive.

Other grocery plastic bags include produce bags used in the produce area. There are many varieties but their purpose is mostly to store vegetables and fruit. These are safe for food and are designed to maintain freshness. Often food stands use these bags to provide convenience to their customers.

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