Low Density Polyethylene Bags

Low Density Polyethylene bags (LDPE) are easy to recycle when looking for an eco friendly grocery bag. It can also be reused several times in most cases making it a popular choice.

This lightweight material is formed into a strong grocery bag of different sizes and colors. It is a multiple use product that is cost effective as well. It is available in bulk to drive down the cost of each LDPE bag. This is helpful to grocery stores and other retailers that use these bags. This flexible grocery bag is also safe for food products to be placed in. This is an important fact for grocery store owners since that is what they deal with everyday – food.

Another quality many of these bags have is being UV resistant. This is important if the bag is going to be used for an item that will be left outside. An example is a phonebook being placed in a bag when it is delivered to a home. It will be exposed to the elements including the sun. It could also rain and if the bag is outside it will get wet, but the product inside is safe. Therefore, these bags are waterproof as well making them perfect for many different uses.

These bags can easily be customized with a store name and logo as well. It is a way of identification as well as advertising. It also has a recyclable symbol to show it is recyclable. Many people find this appealing because they feel they are doing what they can to help eliminate waste. Using LDPE bags will give them a chance to reuse them too. Sometimes these bags really come in handy in the home and customers find ways to use them.

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