Wicketted Bags

Wicketted bags are useful in many industries and stores. Along with metal brackets on which they rest to help remove each bag more easily for use, the bags have two holes in place at the top allowing them to be placed on the hanger to help speed up packaging time.

These bags come in a variety of sizes from standard to customized. Even the thickness can vary. They can be printed or not depending on what the best solution is for those purchasing them for their business. There are usually up to eight color choices. Many different types of wicketted plastic bags are available. Such designs include resealable function or they can be taped closed. All of these choices can be indicated when purchasing to provide the perfect supply product for any use. The seals could also include a tie.

These clear poly bags are quality products that are usually stored as stock items for a quick ordering process. They usually arrive ready to use in a short amount of time and are normally sold in bulk to save the customer money in the long run. Buying in bulk is also helpful in ensuring that cashiers always have enough on hand to use.

Wicketted plastic bags are FDA approved making them safe for food. They are also low density polyethylene so they are strong and generally thin in makeup. Another feature is the gusseted bottom. This is a great feature to help provide more space to place the product or products.

Having wicketted plastic bags makes the process of filling the bag easier and quicker for the worker too as he or she is able to pull them from the metal bracket for use quickly to ensure satisfied customer service as well as a productive workforce.

Wicketted Bags to Toronto Plastic Bags


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